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Greetings! You know, I'm not sure why you came here but I'm glad you did! Hopefully, you will want to see me and my resume'-CV. I have been in the computer/data processing industry a long time (I even owned a Texas Instruments' TI99/4A way back in 1978) and I have a lot to offer. I have especially good Microsoft Office Professional skills and Visual Basic skills along with good networking (Windows NT 3.51 and 4) and hardware knowledge. A background in accounting/finance rounds out my skill set quite handsomely. So if you have gazillions of spending bucks please come and see me and my skill set.

The first thing I hope you will want to look at is my personal profile page. It tells a little bit about me. For instance, I like to do things well and am willing to make a commitment to realize that end. You will have plenty of time to see my skill set and all the things I have done. But more important is the human being (how do you spell " hopeless romantic " Matilda?) behind the CV, so take a few seconds to review my  Personal Profile Page  and you can get a feel for me personally.

If you want to skip the "personal stuff" that is all right. But before you see the formality of a CV, I think you will enjoy perusing my  Cover Letter Page and get a snapshot of my skillset. I hope to grab your attention and command your interest with this page. On it you will find a brief outline of my programming strengths.

So you want to skip the foreplay and head right for the goodies? You will miss something important but what the heck, you can make your own choices, and I certainly don't want to stop you! My resume'-CV is chock full of experiences gained from such well known companies as General Electric, SmithKline Beecham, and Sea-Land International. To get right to it  Read My' Resume'-CV Page  and see a whos' who of the world's best non-profit, government, and industrial giants where I have honed my skills and sharpened my professionalism.

You can view a    picture of my son. So be my guest and  Gaze in wonder and awe at my picture  from Geneva or try this out for size, a nice  picture of my son Ryan ,taken in high atop the Alps in Mt. Blanc, France. And for the extreme surfer, one who is truly manic, you can see an incredibly bad movie (plus it takes 30 seconds to download) of me by  choosing this link.

If you got here by accident and you want to go elsewhere you might want to try these two search engines. Both Google  and  Yahoo are terrific places to start if you are looking for something on the Internet.

There is one other thing you could choose to do, and that would be to send me e-mail. I am always on the lookout for good ideas so if you have one don't hesitate to e-mail me at  BobSweeney and I will promptly respond.

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