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Career Mission:

To become one of the best client-server database architects while creating super fast, user friendly front-end applications.

Professional Experience

Consulting-July 1994 to Present

Consultant, Amsterdam, The Netherlands November 99 - Present Internet Developer. Maintenance and enhancement of several eCommerce web sites, including a billing and reservation taking system. Data modeling and table creation using SQL Server 7.0, wrote stored procedures and triggers, Visual Basic 6.0, COM (ActiveX), MTS, Access 98, Visual Interdev, HTML, DHTML, VB Script, JavaScript, ADO 2.1, ODBC, OLEDB, Windows NT Administration, XML, CSS, Application analysis, and heavy coding.

1369DotCom, Inc. Ft. Lauderdale, FL November 98 - Present Internet Developer. Built front-end order taking system for this Restaurant Industry electronic menu. The application is flexible enough to be used in nearly any E-Commerce environment. Set up Web Server and registered domain; configured IIS v4.0, and coded over 100 screens. Wrote Stored procedures and triggers for SQL Server 7.0. Data modeling and table creation using SQL Server 7.0, Visual Basic 6.0, COM (ActiveX), MTS, Access 98, Visual Interdev, HTML, VB Script, Java Script, ADO 2.1, ODBC, OLEDB. Windows NT Administration, Application analysis, and heavy coding.

American Express, Ft. Lauderdale, FL., February 99 - June 99 Visual Basic 6.0 Developer. Participated in a ten-member software development team constructing enterprise-wide Call Center Employee Management and Administration System. The application supports every aspect of the Call Center Management, including human resource management, personnel skills inventory and minor levels of work ethic tracking. Wrote Stored procedures for SQL Server 6.5. Designed and developed multiple side function applications and tools. Utilized SQL Server 6.5, Visual Basic 6.0, COM (ActiveX Controls), Access 98, Crystal Reports, HTML, Java Script, ADO 2.1, ODBC, OLEDB, and various third party constituent ActiveX controls

Federal Government in Washington, DC., October 1998-Feb 1999. The agency insures and finances mega-construction projects in foreign countries. I'm working on migrating three MS Access\SQL Server applications to Oracle\Visual Basic. I'm using SQL Server 4.2, 6, and 6.5 and Oracle 7.3 along with MS Access v2 and 97 and Visual Basic v 5 and 6. I'm also doing Visual Interdev v1 and 6 along with JavaScript and VBScript.

The United Nations in Geneva Switzerland working on a new development project to manage Reports received from around the world dealing with refugee status. My responsibilities include Windows NT administration, MS SQL Server v7 set-up and dba work, and Visual Basic 5Ent to build the front end for the creation of reports and sending them into headquarters. I'm also working on a high profile human relations application that was written in VB 4 -16 and I'm debugging it and enhancing it.

Universal Studios Did Visual Interdev project the company used to manage Travel Agents. Did original development along with problem solving and debugging this large Internet Site. Tools used were Visual Basic 5 Enterprise along with Visual Interdev, ASP, Active X, ADO, VB Script, HTML, and SQL Server.

Siemens USA, at this international Telecomm company I'm creating applications in Visual Basic v5 Enterprise to support the companies' sales automation efforts. Also responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of ten VB 4-16 applications and the upgrade of several MS Access 16 bit apps to 32 bit apps. The tools being used are Visual Basic 5 Enterprise, VB 4-16, MS Access v2 and V97.

Washington DC Mayors' Offices,   Sep & October. Called in to help fix and deliver a MS Access 97 set of applications that were utilized to create and edit budgets for the various departments throughout the District of Columbia. Also developed a prototype application in Visual Basic 5 to administer the districts' school transportation subsidy program. Spent lots of time with the clients and used VB5 and MS Access 97 to complete the installations.

The United States Dept. of Defense Information Services Agency, June, July, August. Created application from scratch to integrate and manage three services the agency provides for on an international basis. One manages Agreement Contracts that the agency does for other Dept. of Defense departments. The second manages "Customer" Contacts throughout the system and the third is for Software License management to keep the DoD in compliance with software licensing requirements. The tools are Microsoft Access 97 with the Software Developers Toolkit and Visual Basic for Applications.

Honda of America, April-June '97. Working with Microsoft Access 95, SQL Server, and Visual Basic. The application manages parts that are purchased from vendors and in particular parts that don't meet strict standards. Database analysis and design with lots of code writing and report building.

Viacom, Inc.November '96 to April, '97. Assigned to the music division of a entertainment corporation utilizing Visual Basic v3 & 4 and SQL Server v6.5 to manage detailed sales data from the over 8000 retail stores in the US and Canada. The platform is client-server. My chief responsibilities have been to debug code and write queries and stored procedures. Using DAO, RDO, SQL Server and SQL.

AT&T, Inc. July, 1996. Spent one month at this US government contractor company working on three MS Access applications. One was an inventory app that managed PCs, the second was a database that managed the problems associated with those PCs, and the third was a HR app that managed employees and contractors. Took over from three previous developers and solved the problems in a timely manner that was gratifying to the client. Special skills included Table normalization and DAO.

Wyeth-Ayerst International, Inc. January through July, 1996. Assigned to the international division of this global pharmaceutical company. Built two MS Access databases incorporating MS Excel and MS Word as well as documentation using MS Powerpoint. One database manages status reports received from throughout the world dealing with the development of new products. Another database analyzes sales information based on reports received from around the world. Used PCAnywhere in a limited fashion to hook into the applications with the hope of setting up systems in Havant, England and Montreal, Canada. Converted many Lotus 1-2-3 files from various versions into Excel, Word, and Access applications. Extensive use of VBA and some Visual Basic, both 16 and 32 bit. Other skills include ODBC-Sybase-SQL, DAO.

I.E. DuPont De Nemours, Inc.September 1995 through year-end. Created a Visual Basic front-end for a Real World Accounting system (Btrieve data files) that gave users 16 "views" of financial data. Used ODBC and dynamic SQL to bring back data. Also "professionalized" three Microsoft Access databases. One was used to manage customers who signed up for training classes, another was used to keep track of customer returns, and the third was a database of product information and was used by telephone sales staff to lookup hardware and give accurate prices to customers.

Sea-Land Logistics, Inc., June, July, August, 1995. Developed application to trace shipping movements throughout the world. This huge company ships freight via Motor Carrier (truck), Train, Air, and Sea and needed a system keeps track of containers and freight traveling on all types of carriers and also the expenses the "move" is incurring. Created this Microsoft Access RDMS application from scratch.

General Electric, April, May, June, 1995. Two Microsoft Access applications, one managed sales employee's performance and awarded merit increases based on weighted performance. Design and set up of tables, relationships and normalization. Another app that was used to keeping track of trailer breakdowns, the location, vendor called to supply service, and all the expenses incurred with the service call. General Electric, January, February, March, 1995. Re-engineered a MS Access database application that was using attached Oracle tables through OBDC that managed consumer complaints gathered from national offices. Built another database from scratch that imported data from a Honeywell mainframe as a text (fixed length) file.

The Philadelphia Inquirer Philadelphia, PA., January, 1995. Worked on a conversion from Lotus 1-2-3 for DOS to the Windows version. Converted about 100 files and in some instances re-wrote macros for the financial support department of the company. American Cyanamid Corp. December and January Training and installation of Microsoft Excel 5.0, Access 2.0, and Word v6.0. Providian Insurance Company, December, 1994. Conversion from Lotus 1-2-3 to Excel 5.0. Low level training but mostly did conversion of files and re-writing macros from Lotus to Excel. The Excel 5.0 macro language is Visual Basic. For several companies performed hardware upgrades using a customized marketing-by-fax program that I wrote. Created a front-end database order taking application with Microsoft Access v2.0. The application also uses OLE and DDE in association with Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, and Word. During the past nine months I've done many other small assignments with Excel 5.0, Access, and especially hardware upgrades and troubleshooting also went on a national training tour for Rite Aid Pharmacies, training pharmacists in the use of a proprietary drug database.

Boeing Corp. Philadelphia, Pa., January, 1992 until July 1994. Controller and Database/Network manager. At this 6M dollar per year transportation company it was my responsibility to create, design, install, and maintain a complete accounting/MIS system including the installation of an >

Additionally> I have installed and used at least 20 other software packages, set up accounting systems for two other companies, used mainframes for two companies, and purchased and configured numerous other systems. Lately I've been using a lot of Visual Basic, implementing multi-media(sound) into my applications and using OLE and DDE together with Microsoft Office Professional v4.3.


Graduated from Boston College, Chestnut Hill, Ma. 1984. BA- Business Administration. Concentration in Economics. Cum Laude and other awards. Post graduate courses, seminars and substantial self-study with a concentration in computerized accounting/MIS systems. Successfully completed 3 Visual Basic courses and 1 Powerbuilder course.

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