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Preferences> I like to do things well and I like to be thorough. I am a glutton for responsibility and thrive on accountability and performance.

I really respect>History, culture, anything ethnic, religion, the living and the dead.

Politically speaking...I'm a Libertarian (people are much better at building prisons for themselves than government). In the states that makes me an "other".

Things I like to do for fun> My favorite fun pastime is bike riding and I love to travel. In August of '95 my son and I visited Europe, landing in Paris and driving to Zurich, The Matterhorn, Milano, Vaduz, Innsbruck, and Strasbourg. We then rode our bikes from Strasbourg down the Rein River to Amsterdam. Our next trip will be riding from Istanbul to Athens.

Reading>Shakespeare is by far my favorite and I read the tragedies every day. I also like Steinbeck and Poe. Most of my reading these days is related to programming but I still get to read MAD magazine faithfully.

Sports>The best sport without a doubt is hockey. Nothing is faster or more exciting. But football is also a great sport as is soccer, baseball, kick boxing, auto racing, and swimming. Come to think of it, just about every sport makes for a lot of fun and good excercise.

Age> 47 yessirree folks, I'm older than god...I also have more money than him too!

Musically>I still enjoy Eric Clapton and Neil Young the best, but I also enjoy Alanis Morrisette, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Toad. Andrew Lloyd Webber rules.

Education> Boston College and 20 years business experience and lots of "home improvement " along with many evening classes. I even took a course at Harvard University. And I've also done coursework with MS Access, Visual Basic, and Powerbuilder

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