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Well, I spent most of my summer vacation in Geneva, Switzerland. I took a few trips, mainly to Spain and Italy, but mostly I stayed in Geneva. And what does one do in Geneva, you might ask.....well....here is the answer.

Cigars man, big, expensive stogies from good ole Havana! I love to chomp on them endlessly, just like the gangsta's in movies!

And here's me and the "Dork Mobile" in front of Lake Geneva! The bike proved itself very valuable in searching out all the secret places in Geneva, especially great places to enjoy the Italian restaurants!

Sometimes me and my dad went swimming in the lake, but usually we went to the pool. You know, Geneva has warm summers and mild winters.

Here's me and my dad at the top of the Alps in France. Mt. Blanc!

And here's me smiling at the camera. I just ate a great big plate of Italian Ravioli!

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